Benefits of yoga and meditations in your company? Reasons for Yoga in the Workplace!

Meditation consists of various mind exercises that train the awareness in the moment. Consciously controlling your attention is an essential part of meditation. Regular practice of meditation leads to more positive ways of thinking, an increased sense of well-being sets in and what is experienced is better perceived.
With the right utensils such as scented candles, meditation cushions, incense sticks and singing bowls, the room becomes an absolute quiet space with an immediate connection to your inner world.

In recent years, regular meditation has found its place in business. Many large companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Nike, HBO and Unilever deal with this topic and either regularly practice meditation in their company or offer it to their employees.

Meditating influences information processing in the brain and reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Several scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of meditation. In the meantime, the costs of some application providers as a “certified prevention course” – called, for example, “mindfulness-based stress management” – are covered up to 100% by statutory health insurance companies. In life, people often find themselves stuck in situations that seem hopeless. There is a feeling of standing under the heavy burden of a business and personal dilemma. Dealing positively with such situations plays a particularly important role in the lives of your employees. How does an employer behave, does he/she offer the right support or does the employee feel that they have been let down, or does the situation even end up being ignored? The long-term retention of employees and, above all, mentally healthy and satisfied employees play a major role for every company. Wrong behavior on the part of the employer can lead to depression, dissatisfaction and chronic illness. The following points are the benefits of meditation in the company. With our InHyly meditation cushions "Zafu and Zabuton" you can create a pleasant atmosphere in your company and in yoga and meditation rooms. The meditation cushions give the back the right posture during meditation in your company.

The advantages are obvious:

1. fewer sick days
2. increased productivity and creativity
3. increased well-being
4. more empathy towards colleagues and more cooperation
5. Less feeling of stress
6. reduced everyday fatigue
7. better prioritization
8. better focus.

It's about your company itself, the acquisition of mindfulness methods, the long-term loyalty of your managers and employees and making them more successful and efficient.

According to the large-scale study by Wellnow, almost nine out of ten employees in Germany feel stressed.
According to research, those who practice meditation are happier and calmer than those who don't. So it's not surprising that many high-stress companies make meditation part of their corporate mission. Don't miss the chance and give your company and your employees the best working atmosphere possible. With our InHyly meditation cushion you are on the right track. It's about your employees feeling safe in your company for the duration of the time and being able to leave the stress behind, even on the business premises.