Should you have a yoga and meditation room?



 Today, when constant change seems to have the whole world firmly under control, the soul longs more than ever for inner peace and balance. The spirit needs the balance to find its way in the chaotic conditions of the outside world and to cope with the permanent changes. The productivity we expect today is dependent on a long-term balance between mental and physical condition. In today's everyday life, people need regular exercise and spiritual rituals such as meditation. A yoga room or a yoga and meditation corner is recommended as a place of refuge.

Yoga and meditation are not miracle cures, but they are becoming more and more important in today's stressful and technological world.

In the past two years of the pandemic, our apartments and houses have turned into schools, home offices and gyms. We've had enough of that now. During that time we have gained a lot of knowledge about it. Time management has changed and we use the time at home more carefully than ever. It would be nice to be able to change the mood at home at the push of a button and to be able to rest as a kind of me-time.

With a quiet corner for meditation and yoga at home, it can be as easy as pressing a button to get the mood going.

Regularly spending fulfilled time in your own yoga and meditation oasis will help you feel good every time.


To set up your perfect feel-good room, you need the following:


Natural light and fresh air contribute to general well-being. The atmospheric ambience in the form of candles, incense sticks and subtle lights easily brings you into a state of inner calm and peace.



Meditation mat

You can use the InHyly meditation set as a meditation pad.

A meditation kit should be comfortable and fit your needs. A meditation cushion provides the perfect posture for your back during your meditation. The slightly elevated position relieves the intervertebral discs and brings your pelvis into the correct position. This posture gives your internal organs enough space, which allows you to breathe deeply.


Would you like to add a yoga mat to your feel-good corner?


If you want to buy a yoga mat for your feel-good corner, make sure you get a high-quality, non-slip yoga mat. A non-slip yoga mat allows you the freedom of movement that you can use in some flows.


Due to digital change, yoga sessions often take place in your own four walls.

Your mat is the grounding for your asanas. A five to six mm thick Yoga mat is significantly easier on the joints than thinner versions. After all, you should be more comfortable on your mat. Your perfect yoga mat serves to vary the yoga style that you practice. For dynamic yoga styles such as Birkam, Hatha yoga or Vinyasa flows, a very non-slip mat such as the PU mats from InHyly is recommended. For the calmer styles, variants such as the InHyly yoga mat in a suede look with a very smooth, delicate surface texture are more relevant.


The InHyly yoga mats have Markings in the surface, so they help with orientation and perfect alignment with individual asanas and flows.


Unfortunately, all yoga mats smell very intense at first, regardless of whether they are high-quality yoga mats or more conventional ones. After unrolling the mat, the smell will dissipate within a short time.


To buy the right yoga mat, it is advisable to gather more information or speak to an expert. A purchase price of between 60 and 100 € should be budgeted for a long-lasting yoga mat. The yoga mat should be cleaned at regular intervals. Make sure your yoga mat is easy to care for and washable with a simple wet towel.

There are also yoga mats that are machine washable, but don't overdo it either. If the yoga mat has been in the washing machine too often, the material could become porous.


Your emotional retreat should activate all of your senses.


Your little exercise oasis should be near a window. You should also have absolute silence so that the meditations cannot be disturbed. Make sure you stay soft with colors so the mood is always balanced. Warm, pleasant light with fairy lights, lamps and candles are above all great means of creating a nice atmosphere for you. Nothing should stand in the way of your concentration. You should choose colors that make you feel comfortable and stay focused for a long time.



Fragrance sticks and scented candles give you and your oasis the right mood. With the right scents, your meditation journeys are even more eventful.

 sound or sound

The right music during a meditation can bring you deeper into relaxation on a mental level. Singing bowls are also good tools for your meditation, they work like a trigger that immediately directs attention inwards when the familiar sound is heard. Singing bowl meditation supports your consciousness with immediate effect in terms of inner peace. Striving for focus is the be-all and end-all of your meditation, and with singing bowls you can get into this state of absolute concentration as quickly as possible.

Sit on your meditation pad and take a seat on your InHyly meditation set in a pleasant, positive atmosphere. Enjoy being there! Regular practice of yoga or meditation will help you with daily relaxation and stress reduction. In addition, the whole thing increases your performance.

Discover some high-quality, non-slip yoga mats and a meditation set to accompany you on your way. Regular use of InHyly products will bring you back your inner peace and serenity.