Yoga: the connection between body and mind

Yoga has a tradition that is thousands of years old. It is one of the valuable cultures or practices that have made a success story around the globe and survived from ancient to modern times. The reason for this is the beneficial effects on our health and well-being. A little summary all around Yoga - the connection between body and mind - this post offers you.

The Elements of Yoga

Perhaps you have already taken part in a classic yoga class? The yoga class is typically composed of special elements. The physical exercises, the so-called asanas, are particularly well-known. Cobra and dog, fish and warrior, triangle and angle stretch and strengthen the muscles, improve posture and mobilize the spine. This is followed by breathing exercises, also known as pranayama in yoga. They bring about a harmonization of breath and movement. For physical and mental recovery, relaxation and meditation are also integrated into the classic yoga practice. This structure clearly shows that Yoga the connection between body and mind as a basis for daily practice. The form of the individual elements varies from yoga style to yoga style, so you can choose exactly what is particularly good for you from the wonderful yoga kit.

Get to know static and dynamic yoga styles

The good at Yoga - the connection between body and mind - is that there is an ideal yoga practice for everyone. Asanas that are held longer are particularly ideal for strengthening or stretching - such as the warrior positions from Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga or the many stretching exercises that are typical of gentle Yin Yoga. The flowing exercises from Vinyasa Yoga are particularly activating. But Hatha Yoga also has sequences to offer, for example with the classic sun salutation (Surya Namaskar), which combine exercises and accompany them with targeted breathing. The sun salutation is a real prime example of how Yoga the connection between body and mind considered.

External and internal attitude

Yoga improves our upright posture - both physically and mentally. It gives us beneficial effects that we use in our private and professional everyday life. So it's really worth it if you try how Yoga the connection between body and mind produces and promotes. In this context, many yoga studios offer taster courses or special workshops for beginners. Health insurance companies also offer courses in which you can learn the basics of yoga and then implement them in your own practice. Use these opportunities Yoga as the connection between body and mind to discover.