Yoga belt

Yoga belt is a very valuable one yoga accessories, which can assist in various asanas. They are very cheap to buy, but they can be super useful in different situations.

With a Yoga belt

- you improve your posture

- you can reach stretches in a gentle way that you can't easily reach.

- you deepen positions without straining your muscles and ligaments.

What quality should your Yoga belt have?

A Yoga belt Consists of the strap, which can be of different lengths and widths, and a buckle at one end. Most yoga straps have about 3 to 4 cm wide and 1,5 to 2,5 Meters long. Which length you should choose depends of course on what exactly you want to do with the belt.

yoga straps are available in the following materials:

- Cotton (natural product, also particularly skin-friendly and feels good in the hand!)

- Polyester (if it is high quality material, it could also have the same properties.)