Charity & Donations

We believe in the important role of charity work. 

Structural disadvantages affect women worldwide. According to the latest Equal Measures 2030 study, 80 percent of all women and girls live in countries that perform poorly or very poorly.

Our main interest is to support girls and women from disadvantaged countries. Therefore, part of our proceeds is donated to organizations that devote their attention to such projects. 



"People are members of a 'whole'

From creation one and the same essence. 

If fate brings a link to pain,

then it does not leave the other limbs calm. 

A man who is not touched by the pain of the brothers of men, 

doesn't deserve the name"Man" to wear." 




    "The sons of Adam are limbs of each other, 

    Having been created of one essence. 

    When the calamity of time affects one limb

   The other limbs cannot remain at rest. 

   If you have no sympathy for human pains, 

   the name of human you cannot retain."