Strong inspirational women

It is very important that women and especially girls have role models. Everyone has some hurdles to overcome before they get where they want to be. Despite many defeats that each of us experiences again and again and makes an effort. 

Very often you don't get there because the destination is not clearly defined.

All the more important are examples that show us that it works and how it works! 

In the long term, we want to build a strong, broad network of women who support each other and pave their own way to success. 

Please send us your success stories so we can encourage others.

Here we provide you with great coaches who can help you on your life of success.


Boriana Valentinova • Business consultant & coach 

 A wonderful power woman who could give you good advice if you need support. Executives and entrepreneurs can get great strategy advice from Boriana.


Nicole Seichter, Coaching - consulting

Have you ever suffered from burnout? Or are you under a lot of stress? Then feel free to contact the wonderful Nicole Seichter. She advises managers and the entire team.  


- Marina Pintout, Mindset Coach

 A wonderful woman, if you need a life coach or mentoring, Marina is the place to be. She is the founder of the blog Graw. Convince yourself.