Hello, I'm Nasi, the founder of InHyly.



The healing comes from within!

I was introduced to the world of energy and meditation about 20 years ago when I became seriously ill. I suffered from tremors and had up to five seizures a day. After a year of despair and longing for my family, I went home to Iran to be with them and to feel loved. During this visit I met a shaman who accompanied me in this dark phase of my life and opened my eyes to a new world - meditation.

That was my blessing. From that moment I became passionate about meditation and energy therapy. I practiced it with devotion and hope. And soon I saw the results. My seizures disappeared and I was able to lead an everyday life without fears and inhibitions. I finished my studies and started working in the family business. 

  I tried to seek out the right path and choose the path that I thought society would expect of me. But it wasn't the right path for me. So I struggled through a few unsuccessful years of dissatisfaction and frustration. It felt like I was living someone else's life. But I didn't know how to get out of it.

In 2020 I was crushed by another failed project. I felt stuck again. Thanks to my meditation, I became aware of my fears. From then on I knew what was stopping me and what I wanted to do. I needed help with that too.

So I started working with a psychotherapist for months to find out where my fears were coming from.

I slowly began to discover myself. I felt braver.

I realized that I love to meditate but was too shy to come out and teach others to do the same, overcoming fears, handicaps and insecurities. As I accepted that, I lost my inhibitions and realized I had so much to give and share.

So I decided to show other people that you can always grow and develop. With self-discipline accompanied with the right rituals in everyday life such as yoga or meditation, you can always raise your level. This is how InHyly was born.










 The process of self-healing and self-development is a great path and it's amazing how much you can learn from it. No matter where you start, there is enough to learn and develop yourself. So I want to encourage you to believe in yourself. If you do that, you will find your way.
Our products would be the perfect accompaniment on your way.